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Folioz Orientation

Nothing is public by default. Your profile page, which you can leave empty, is only viewable to t...


Friendz Orientation

Don't lose track of things! This icon will keep you informed of activities and posts that c...

Supported Browsers

Folderz Orientation

Supported Web browsers are: Mozilla Firefox 14+ Google Chrome/Chromium 18+ Safari 7+ Int...

User profile

Friendz Orientation

This is your public user profile, which can be seen by any registered user. Profile photo U...


Friendz Orientation Spaces

This menu is only visible for space admins. Here you can manage your space settings, add/block me...

Navigation Menu

Friendz Orientation Spaces

This is where you can navigate the space – where you find which modules are active or available f...


Friendz Orientation Spaces

Once you have joined or created a new space you can work on projects, discuss topics or just shar...

Space Menu

Friendz Orientation Spaces

This is the most important menu and will probably be the one you use most often!Access all the sp...

Account Menu

Friendz Orientation

The account menu gives you access to your private settings and allows you to manage your public p...


Friendz Orientation

Overview and fast access to the most important information. Any new activities or posts that migh...

Collaborative Presentation Editing

Folderz Orientation Presentation Editor

Presentation Editor offers you the possibility to work at a presentation collaboratively with o...

Activity Stream

Friendz Orientation

Monitor communications at a glance.


Streamz Orientation

When someone follows your account or requests to follow you, mentions your user name, or boosts o...

Following Other Users

Streamz Orientation

Following another user will make all of their toots as well as other users' toots which they boos...

Posting Images

Streamz Orientation

 In order to post an image, simply click or tap the "image" icon in your Compose column and selec...

Text Posts

Streamz Orientation

The most basic way to interact with Streamz is to make a text post, also called a Toot. In order ...

Boosts and Favourites

Streamz Orientation

You can favourite another user's toot by clicking the star icon underneath. This will send the us...


Streamz Orientation

If you're making a post belonging to a wider subject, it might be worth adding a "hashtag" to it....

H5P Activities

Coursez Orientation

Accordion Create vertically stacked expandable items Agamotto Crea...


Folderz Orientation Toolbar

Circles allows your users to create their own groups of users/colleagues/friends. Those groups of...