Text Posts

The most basic way to interact with Streamz is to make a text post, also called a Toot. In order to toot, simply enter the message you want to post into the "What is on your mind?" text box in the Compose column and click "TOOT". There is a limit of up to 500 characters per toot; if you really do need more than this you can reply to your own toots so they will appear like a conversation.

If you want to reply to another user's toot, you can click the "Reply" icon on it. This will add their username to your input box along with a preview of the message you're replying to, and the user will receive a notification of your response.

Similarly, in order to start a conversation with another user, just mention their user name in your toot. When you type the @ symbol followed directly (without a space) by any character in a message, Mastodon will automatically start suggesting users that match the username you're typing. Like with replies, mentioning a user like this will send them a notification. If the post starts with a mention, it will be treated as a reply and will only appear in the Home timelines of users who follow both you and the user you are mentioning. It will still be visible on your profile depending on privacy settings.