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Set your preferences

Customize things just the way you like them.

Customizing the user interface

Choose a theme

Streamz defaults to the light theme, but a dark or high-contrast theme can be selected.


Mastodon light theme

Choose your layout

Streamz defaults to a simple, one-column layout with a compose box on the left and a column switcher on the right. You can choose to enable the advanced web interface, which allows you view and pin multiple columns at the same time.


The advanced web interface

In either interface, updates will load automatically as new posts are available. You can enable Slow Mode to instead show a banner at the top of the column indicating the number of new items available, which will be loaded only when you click the banner.

For accessibility reasons, the auto-play of animated GIFs is disabled by default. You can enable animated GIFs if you want to see animations. You can also reduce motion of animations throughout the UI.

Confirmation dialogs

You can choose to require confirmation before performing certain actions. Currently, confirmations can be set before performing the following actions:

  • Unfollow
  • Boost
  • Delete

Sensitive content

By default, any media marked as sensitive is hidden behind a click-through overlay. You can also choose to always show/hide media behind this overlay, regardless of whether it is marked as sensitive.

Hidden and unloaded media uses a colorful gradient provided by the BlurHash algorithm, which uses the colors of the image but blurs the details. These gradients can be disabled.

An example blurhash thumbnail

An example blurhash thumbnail

Posts with content warnings are collapsed by default, but you can choose to always expand the warnings so that the full post is displayed.

Controlling your notifications

Sending emails

You can choose to receive email notifications according to the type of notification you receive within Streamz. The following notification types are available to enable:

  • Follows
  • Follow requests
  • Boosts
  • Favourites
  • Mentions

You can also enable digest emails, which will provide you with an overview of notifications received during periods of long inactivity.

Hiding certain notifications

You can choose to not receive notifications from people you don't follow, or from people who don't follow you. This will cause replies, favourites, boosts, and other interactions to not be shown to you.

You can also choose to not receive notifications when you receive a direct message from people you don't follow.

Miscellaneous options

If you opt out of search engine indexing, a noindex flag will be added to your public profile and status pages.

You can choose to hide your network, which will make your following and follower lists private to you only.

A profile that has opted to hide its network

A profile that has opted to hide its network

If you want to see posts that are boosted multiple times be reinserted into your feed at the top, you can disable boost grouping in timelines.

Posting defaults

Posts default to public privacy. You can choose to default new posts as unlisted or followers-only instead. For an explanation of post privacy levels.

By default, the language of your posts is automatically detected, but this detection is imprecise and may not be accurate. If you primarily or exclusively post in a certain language, it is a good idea to set that language here.

If you often post sensitive media, you can choose to always mark your media as sensitive.

Filtering languages on public timelines

You can choose to only show posts in certain detected languages while browsing the public timelines. However, note that language detection can be very imprecise, so you may still see some posts in a disabled language, or miss some posts from enabled languages.