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Folioz aims to be usable by as many individuals as possible, including those with disabilities or special needs. Creating accessible web content is a requirement in many countries. In order to provide international guidelines, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) were created. There are three conformance levels under the WCAG 2.0, the latest edition of the guidelines: A, AA, and AAA. Each level requires conformance with previous levels and includes its own specific guidelines for how websites should be made accessible.

With the latest version of Folioz has reached level AA for user-facing areas of the system. The administration of Folioz is predominantly on level AA as well. We endeavour to keep up level AA to continue to provide good navigation of the site to everybody.

We can only control the accessibility of the navigation and overall platform. People uploading or creating content are responsible themselves to make their content accessible.

If you are a screen reader user, you can use the following access keys to navigate the main menu items in Folioz:

Regular user interface:

  • d:Dashboard
  • c: Content
  • p: Portfolio
  • g: Groups
  • a: Administration