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Notification of full file storage

If you have received a notification that your file storage is near full you might want to review what files are too big. The default file storage space is 50 megabytes which should more than enough to upload support documents and some pictures. The only way to raise the limit is for the Institution to subscribe for more space.

Folioz is designed to be a "hub" for you to collect all your evidence of learning from all over the internet. Most people use Google docs and YouTube channels where they can upload their larger files. Folioz has "External Media" and "Google Docs" blocks that make it easy to add content to your pages.

If you are a ClassCloud subscriber you already have a place to share your DOC/PPT/PDF files with Folderz and video/audio with Videoz. There really is no need to have large files consuming your Folioz space.

You can see and manage your files here, scroll past the upload boxes to the bottom:

The kind of files that waste the most space are usually video and PowerPoints. Video is best uploaded to a service specifically designed to deliver an optimized streaming experience and greatly reducing the bandwidth needed to view. Can you imagine having to download a 1 gigabyte or more video file every time you wanted to share it with someone?

You can also reduce the size of your PowerPoint presentations by optimizing it:

If you are using voice over in your PowerPoint converting it to video is quite simple:

You also should consider converting it to a PDF as it will optimize the slides and greatly reduce the file size, the only things you lose are the slide transition effects and embedded audio/video. Embedded audio and video hardly ever work anyway as they are linked and not embedded into the PPT file. Converting a voice over presentation to a video in PowerPoint would be a better way to share the presentation:

Then you can easily upload it to Videoz, Vimeo or YouTube and embed it into your portfolio page.