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Institution staff access

Institution staff members enjoy a number of additional rights to regular members, for example:

  • creation of controlled groups
  • viewing of the real names of users
  • access to the User search page in the administration
  • viewing of the access list of user’s pages if allowed

Institution staff members have an additional navigation item: Institution information.

Main navigation bar for staff members

Main navigation for staff members

Administration menu → Users → User search

Staff members have the majority of the functionality available on this page as institution administrators.

When you are on the User search page, you can view all members of your institution or just a select few. You only see the following options if you have the permission to access user reports.

Staff members cannot manipulate user account information or access user pages to which they have not received direct access from the user. The reports page only lists the pages, but does not give default access.

user search page as viewed by a staff member

User search page as viewed by a staff member

  1. Click the All button to select all users and click the None button to deselect all users.

  2. You can also tick the checkbox for an individual user to select them.

  3. Click the Get reports for selected users button to

    • view user reports
    • download user account information for further actions
    • view information on masquerading sessions if that feature is turned on

    For more information on what you can see in this action, please refer to the section “People reports”.


Administration menu → Reports

The functionality available to staff members is similar to the one for institution administrators in the “Reports” section if the site administrator allowed staff members to view reports.